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School aged Children, Parents/Educators & Educational establishments are under increasing pressure these days, with Targets, Inspections, League tables, Stress, etcetera, all in an effort to offer the best environment & to raise and maintain standards.

Studies have shown that Laughter Training for Education:-…  

 Raises endorphins, the feel good hormones

= Happier Children and Educators, who are more motivated and who want to come to school to achieve.

Lowers the stress hormone cortisol

= Less anxious Children & Adults, Children with better concentration levels and ability to focus, improved behaviour and less conflict as a result.

Strengthens immune systems

= Improved health, less absenteeism due to illness.

Increases the oxygen intake, energising and refreshing your body

= Great for your brain which needs 25% more oxygen than any other body organ to function. Which means children & adults stay on task and are more productive and creative.

Socially connects us with each other

= Improved social skills & relationships, across all ages and levels and greatly improves behaviour.

Helps to develop a positive mental attitude

= Children & Adults with increased resilience and perseverance enabling them to be confident in life, reduce conflict, face and tackle challenges & achieve their goals.


Therefore, The’s Laughter Training  for Education & Wellbeing offers considerable, Specific and Measurable Health & Well-being Benefits & Scientifically Proven Psychological and Physiological Benefits.

The’s Laughter Training for Education & Well-being is a different way of thinking about improving standards by putting the well-being of Children & Educators at the centre. It’s definitely something your School, College, Training Establishment or other Educational setting should use!

Whether Students or Teachers, we all need to Laugh, not just because it’s Fun, but because of the very real Health & Well-being Benefits of regular Hearty Belly Laughs.

In addition, this Laughter Training provides essential, highly effective techniques and tools for behaviour management, anger management and conflict resolution.

Schools and Educational establishments who have experienced The Laughterline’s Laughter Training often report that exclusions are reduced or even eradicated!


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