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The Laughter line can do for you?

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Children typically laugh 300-500 times daily. As adults we tend only to make it to 15 times a day, and even then laughter is ordinarily very much conditional on finding something which appeals to our own particular sense of humour. If we leave it to chance, therefore, we may go for days without laughing once, which in itself, would be a tragedy. But why is laughter so important? Surely it’s just a bit of fun?

Laughter is a serious business! Scientific evidence has proven that laughter really is the best medicine. In these days where Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence are by words for a healthier lifestyle, The Laughter Line offers a fresh and FUN approach to taking better care of ourselves and improving our lifestyles. Regular laughter, performed in the right way creates both physical and psychological changes within our bodies and minds, and when performed with others, also has many social and relationship benefits too…as well as being great FUN!

These days we lead such hectic lives that we often forget to look after ourselves. Studies show that through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we can typically expect to live well into our 70’s and 80’s and beyond & still be active. But we need to invest time in ourselves NOW so as to make this happen.

‘Laughter line – For Me’… is all about you!

Using techniques from both Laughter Yoga and Life Coaching, The Laughter Line shows you how to Laugh for No Reason, sustain that laughter and reap the many rewards and benefits. In groups (preferably, so as to gain the extra benefits of a group dynamic) at your home, a venue near you, on-line, over the phone or a combination of all of these, you experience this unique form of exercise, for anything from 10 minutes, to all day (please see The Laughter Line-for Business for how The Laughter Line can greatly improve your Creativity, Productivity, Team Building, etc,when used in the workplace, at conferences, etc.)

If your goal is to manage a healthy weight…The Laughter Line is ideal because 10 minutes of  Laughter Yoga is equivalent to 30 minutes on a Rowing machine! It speeds up your metabolism and is a great Cardio’ workout too.

So what happens in a typical Laughter Line session? Well, there’s really no such thing as a typical session, but as a guideline..In a one hour session…We spend 10 to 15 minutes on the history, the ‘how-to’ & the benefits of The Laughter Line & Laughter Yoga. Then onto the most laughter fun exercises you can imagine (these can be themed, geared to your particular group or requirements & can be as sedate or manic as you like). Continuous laughter gets your ribs and chuckle muscles aching, with tears rolling down your face. Eye contact and Playful fun, coupled with Yogic breathing exercises, make for an unforgettable experience. With those Stress-Busting Endorphins racing around and Feel -Good hormones rushing through our systems we try and squeeze in a few minutes of meditation, just to bring us back down to earth and ready to tackle the day with renewed energy and positivity & these effects last for over 24 hours.

Although The Laughter Line is not Entertainment as such,…it is Extremely Entertaining, so many choose to introduce it to their friends as a fresh and new Party idea! (Just wait ’til after the session before you let the alcohol flow, as you’ll find your metabolism works much faster after a Laughter Line session, so alcohol is not really needed to keep the party atmosphere alive!)

Once you’ve started, you won’t want to stop!..

                                                                        …and remember keep it up, Practice makes Perfect!

There are several options for continuing your ‘Laughter Line’ experience, whether it’s

  • The 10 minutes Telephone Laughter Line.
  • Regular sessions, with discounts for Block Bookings!
  • Training for you to become a ‘Laughter Pro’ in your organisation, so you can keep up the good work and help colleagues benefit too.
  • Invite us to your Event, Workshop, Seminar to spread the Laughter.
  • Skype or Periscope Laughter Line sessions.
  • Facebook groups…
  • The Laughter Line Retreat

Etcetera, Etcetera ….please phone or email for more details & …

Don’t forget…the more you book, the cheaper it gets!

So,… “How much does it cost to put pure Joy into my Life?”…I hear you ask.

Answer: Depending on your requirements, it can cost from as little as £6 for Telephone Laughter Line, £30 per guest for Workshops, £350 for half day Seminars, etc. (Please check for up to date details.)

Please Remember…The Diary gets booked-up very quickly,…so if you are serious about making a Positive change in your life or you’d like to Book an Event and change the lives of others, Email or call 0779 300 9655 …NOW.