‘Dead Fly Laughter’

‘The Laughter Line’

   ……………takes Laughter Training to a whole New Level!

‘The Laughter Line’ offers several levels …

      ‘Laughter Line-for Business’ .

            ‘Laughter Line-for Me’.

                     ‘Laughter Line-for Schools’ .

                            ‘Laughter Line-Parties’, etc.


‘Laughter Line-for Business’

It is scientifically proven that using laughter as a serious tool…

Transforms your Company’s Performance, by reducing stress, creating emotional well being, promotes peak performance, enhances creativity and builds Team Spirit.

Laughter Line Training is the most effective, quick and economical way to reduce employees stress. This helps prevent workers absenteeism due to burn-out and stress related illness.

Employees learn to balance work and home life, increasing positive emotions and decreasing negativity. A good work/Life balance = emotional well being.

Laughter Line Training increases the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain, promoting ‘peak performance’. The laughing and deep ‘Yogic’ breathing associated with Laughter Line Training enables our brains to access the 25% more oxygen that it needs, compared with the rest of the body, allowing it to function at it’s highest level. If your mood is good you can achieve more. Laughter Line Training changes your mood within minutes by releasing chemicals called endorphins,…feel good hormones from your brain cells.

Creativity is generated from the right-side of the brain, which is freed by Laughter Line Training’s childlike playfulness. This stimulates innovative thinking and allows new ideas to grow,…giving your business the edge it needs.

Laughter Training with The Laughter Line builds a mutually supportive social connection between Team members, bridging gaps between hierarchies and groups. It is a leveller, where CEO’s can easily work alongside Interns, learning better ways to communicate effectively and building a great Team Spirit!


So, How does it work?…









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