The Laughter Line offers a range of sessions, workshops, experiences for both organisations and individuals, for people of all ages and abilities.

Following an initial assessment of your needs, The Laughter Line will deliver Training and Motivational sessions, within your organisation, to your group or within your own home. We begin by explaining the history and background of these Laughter Yoga and Life Coaching principles, the techniques we will use and their many benefits to your health, wealth and happiness. A standard package is available, but even these are tailored to your requirements.

Next we move on to the real fun-stuff, the Laughter ‘exercises’. (Don’t worry, Laughter Line sessions can be as active or sedentary* as you like, but no need for exercise clothing or special equipment. *Initial assessments will highlight requirements, fitness levels and mobility,etc.) Using Child-Like Playfulness and some Method acting techniques, we laugh!

No need to be happy before we start. Learn practices to instantly change our attitudes and moods. In the blink of an eye, our mood is lifted and uncontrollable belly laughter ensues.

Sessions often contain Laughter Line Meditation and always end with resounding cheers…from highly motivated and Happy People!

                                          We leave you with a Legacy of Laughter.

For further details and for your personalised programme…

…please Email:

…or phone: 0779 300 9655.