Springtime Laughter

Can you smell Springtime in the air?

Just a hint of the scent of blossom in the air, or the shrill dawn call of our feathered friends is all we need to feel that spring is in the air!

Forget the fact that it’s still freezing when our naked toes touch the floor first thing in the morning. And, forget the fact that it’s still not quite light when our tired little eyes are first exposed to the hint of a new day, promising to be fresh and new. All signs that winter hasn’t quite yet relinquished her grasp, with her bony fingers on still warm flesh cuddled by the duvet, are forgotten in the instance we decide that ‘It really should now be spring!’

With this in mind I feel it only right to remind you that Springtime heralds, not just the annual race for birds to find partners, seeds to start sprouting and flowers to blossom, but also it marks the the start of Laughter Clubs in the Great Outdoors! Ha Ha!

In an almost ‘secret garden’, in central Stevenage, the feint cries of “Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha” can be heard echoing on the breeze, awaking passing commuters and completely confusing all wildlife and the uninitiated.

Imagine this, you get up early , the alarm isn’t your enemy because you’ve slept well and you know the reason you are up at this time is because you want to go and do something GREAT! Something which you know will involve meeting like minded people, getting a good dose of fresh air deep into your lungs. What you do will make you laugh like no one’s listening. You’ll be amongst friends, they won’t judge you, they’ll congratulate you and celebrate your choice to choose to start your day joyfully. When you are done, you will feel so rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything this new day throws at you. Endorphins (feel good hormones) will be rushing around your system. Your brain will feel refreshed from the extra oxygen your laughter has generated. The child-like playfulness awakens your creativity and boundless energy. And, what’s more…you’ll be looking forward to doing it again!

To experience this awakening of your body and soul, you need to book now!

Get further details from Gerry@thelaughterline.com or call Gerry on 0779 300 9655.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity, take care of yourselves (please like

thelaughterline.com on Facebook ) and …

Have a Ha Ha Happy Day!



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