The Laughter Line… ……………..takes care of Carers.

Carers & Care Homes enjoy…

‘Laughter Line-Laughter Clubs’!

Caring for loved ones is a huge undertaking, and though rewarding, we all appreciate how emotionally draining and physically demanding that role can be. Putting others first is admirable, but neglecting your own health is often the result. We at The Laughter Line know from personal experience how easily this can happen. For professional carers too, despite having had years of training, even the most experienced carers often forget to look after their own health and well being, in the belief that their self care is not a priority.

Well, who is going to continue the high level of care they offer, if the carers are out of action?

Many of us don’t have others to step into that caring role when our own health fails, so investing a little time and effort into our own care first and on a regular basis, is vital!

Professional Carers, such as those from Care Homes for the Elderly, are using The Laughter Line sessions for professional development, offering Laughter Clubs for their residents!

Using Laughter Line sessions to invest both in their Management Teams, Caring Staff & their Residents too has “…made a huge difference to staff training and development, boosting morale and decreasing staff illness and turnover. The residents love the Laughter Line -Laughter Clubs too. We all really look forward to it, it brightens our week and it’s a great way to stay fit and motivated. We now have an ‘ELSIE’ too (an ‘L.C’, or ‘Laughter Champion’). She’s been trained up by The Laughter Line and carries on the happiness project in between sessions. It’s become part of our daily routine and everyone is benefiting!”

If you know of an organisation who could benefit from The Laughter Line’s training and development programmes, or you’d like to join a Laughter Club, or you’d like to become an ‘ELSIE…Please contact

or call Gerry on 0779 300 9655.

Thanks & have a Ha Ha Happy Day.


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